Our bread has nothing to hide.

The only essential ingredients for making great bread are flour, salt and water. As much as possible, the flour we use is organic and stoneground. We keep our use of commercial yeast to a minimum, preferring to let time do the work, and our sourdough loaves are risen only with naturally occurring yeast.


No Rubbish 

Our bread does not contain anything artificial, no processing aids, flour improvers, dough conditioners, preservatives or chemical leavening. Any other ingredients we choose to flavour our loaves – like molasses, seeds, dried fruits and herbs – are all natural and we buy organic where possible, usually sourced from Unicorn Grocery or Suma.



Bread that is fermented carefully and slowly over time will exercise your digestive system and the yeast and bacteria from the preferments provide B-vitamins and biotin. There is an improvement in mineral bio availability and research has also shown a reduction in the components of gluten responsible for triggering digestive discomfort and intolerances to wheat.


Give it time 

Our bread has been given time to allow for appropriate fermentation. It is a natural product and, just as with fruit or cheese, it takes time for it to mature and ripen. Our bread making process always starts the day before with the mixing of the preferments. These are left to develop for about 12 hours, it’s then at least another 4 hours from mixing everything together to the first loaf of bread; most of that time is resting, allowing the yeast and lactic acid bacteria cells to do their work and develop as much flavour as possible.


Buy our bread

Along with our Altrincham market saturday stall, the below places also retail our loaves;

TROVE, Levenshulme


On the Eighth Day, Manchester


LIV organics, Liverpool


Village Stores, Prestwiich


Freedom Organics, Darwen




Natural Choice, Wales


McCall's Organics


Fig + Sparrow


Mattas International, Liverpool